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Main   subjects  of  my interest:

Differential Geometry  and Lie  Groups, Applications  to Mathematical Physics     and   Neuroscineces

Riemannian  and Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry,  SubRiemannian Geometry  Holonomy  Group,   Special   Geometric  Structures   ( conformal, CR     and  para-CR   structures,   quaternionic   etc.), G-structures  and   Tanaka  Structures,  Homogenbeous Geometry,  Geometry  of  Differental  Equations,  Generalized Geometry,  Supergravity,  Neurogeometry  ( Geometrical Models of  Early  Vision, Problem  of  Stability     and Conformal Geometry)   ,

The  list of    publications      2009 -2011   see  in   the  Russian version   of  site  "Publications "   (Russian,  )



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