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2019 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Iomdina E.N., Selina O.M., Alexander B., Nikolaev P.

Contribution of the marginal peripheral retina to color constancy: evidence obtained due to contact lens with implanted occluder // Sensornye systemy. V. 33(2). P. 113-123.
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2018 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Selina O., Nikolaev P., Alexander B.

A new approach to investigate peripheral vision: Contact lens with opaque central part // 41st European Conference on Visual Perception 2018. Trieste, Italy. 26-30 of August. Perception. 2019. V. 48, Suppl. P. 131.
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2017 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Nikolaev P., Belokopytov A., Gracheva M.

Mysteries of the blind zone at the extreme periphery of the human retina // 40th European Conference on Visual Perception 2017. Berlin, Germany. 27-31 of August. Retrieved from URL: http://journals.sagepub.com/page/pec/collections/ecvp-abstracts/index/ecvp-2017 on [8.03.2018], page 77.
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2015 year
Authors: Nikolaev P., Rozhkova G.

Yarbuss Conceptions on the General Mechanisms of Color Perception // Perception, 2015, 44(8-9), P. 952-972.
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2015 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Nikolaev P.

Visual Percepts in the Cases of Binocular and Monocular Viewing Stabilized Test Objects, Ganzfeld Stimuli, and Prolonged Afterimages // Perception, 2015, 44(8-9), P. 934-951.
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