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2015 year
Authors: Lukashevich I., Stepanyan K., Popov A., R . Sh . Balugyan

Automated Inference of the Conclusions out of the Blood Test Values // Information Technologies for the Physician. The scientific journal. vol.2, 2015. p. 6-11
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2013 year
Authors: Kosek-Szott K., Natkaniec M., Szott S., Krasilov A., Lyakhov A., Safonov A., Tinnirello I.

What"s New for QoS in IEEE 802.11?, IEEE Network, vol. 27, no. 6, November 2013 (IF=2.85)

2013 year
Authors: Khorov E., Krasilov A., Safonov A., Serrano P., Tinnirello I.

Making IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Programmable // Proceedings of Future Network and Mobile Summit (FutureNetworkSummit)

2012 year
Authors: Savina M.I., Lukashevich I.

The Role of the Structural Organization of Knowledge in Analyzing Biochemical Data // Scientific and Technical Information Processing. 2012. V. 39. No. 5. P. 276282. Original Russian Text 2010, published in Iskusstvennyi Intellekt i Prinyatie Reshenii, 2010. 1. . 33-40. DOI 10.3103/S0147688212050048
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2012 year
Authors: V.M., Shklovsky, Lukashevich I.

Structural organization of medical knowledge in neurorehabilitation. Part 1. Chapter 3. .37 // Advances in rehabilitation. V. 20. 2012. PI-ME Press. Pavia. . 37-64

2012 year
Authors: R.Sh. Balugyan, A.S. Vorotyntsev, Lukashevich I., Stepanyan K.

Statistical methods for data analysis of blood tests // Information Processes, vol. 12, 4, 2012, pp.353361
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2012 year
Authors: Kiryanov A., Khorov E., Lyakhov A., Safonov A.

Analytical Study of Link Management in IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networks //International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS). France, 2012. P. 786-790

2012 year
Authors: Kiryanov A., Lyakhov A., Nekrasov P., Platov D., Safonov A., Feyzkhanov R., Khorov E., 369

Groupcast Routing Protocol for TDMA MANET// In Proc. of Information Technology and Systems - 2012. Petrozavodsk, Russia

2012 year
Authors: Kiryanov A., Lyakhov A., Safonov A., Khorov E.

A method to estimate efficiency of the connection control mechanisms in wireless self-organizing networks // Automation and Remote Control. Volume: 73 Issue: 5 Pages: 797-809, 2012

2011 year
Authors: Krasilov A., Lyakhov A., Safonov A.

A. Krasilov, A. Lyakhov, A. Safonov, Interference, even with MCCA channel access method in IEEE 802.11s mesh networks, In Proc. of MeshTech"11, pp.752-757, Valencia, Spain, 2011

2011 year
Authors: Gerasimova S., Lukashevich I., Shklovsky V.

Study neurophysiological mechanisms alalie. Journal of International Scientific Publication: Educational Altetnatives. 2011. Vol. 9. Part 3. P. 96 -107.

2011 year
Authors: Balugian R., Lukashevich I., Peremyachkina S., Stepanyan K.

Formalization of medical knowledge with conceptual scheme. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Altetnatives. 2011. Vol. 9. Part 3. P. 108-116.
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