D. Alekseevsky - Publications


Alekseevsky D., Cohomogeneity one Kaehler and Kaehler-Einstein manifolds with one singular orbit I Dmitri Alekseevsky, Fabio Zuddas
Alekseevsky D., Light, Eye, Brain.Geometric Problems in Vision.Proceed. of 8th Seminar in Geometry and Topology, Tehran, Bulletin of Iranian Math. Society, 10-32.. 2017
Alekseevsky D., D.V.Alekseevsky, Lorentzian manifolds with transitive conformal group, preprint http://iitp.ru/www.iitp.ru/userpages/2420
Alekseevsky D., 2016 г. Dmitri Alekseevsky, Jan Gutt, Gianni Manno, Giovanni Moreno, JAN GUTT, GIANNI MANNO, AND GIOVANNI MORENO. Homogeneous 2nd order PDEs on the ajoint contact manifolds of a semisimple complex Lie group, arXiv:1606.02633v1, 8 Jun 2016 Загрузить (293.6 KB)
Alekseevsky D., 2015 г. Alekseevsky D.V., Cortes V., Hasegawa K., Kamishima Yo., Homogeneous locally conformally Kähler and Sasaki manifolds , International Journal of Mathematics 26 n.6, · 29 pp., 2015 Загрузить (409.7 KB)
Alekseevsky D., 2015 г. Dmitri V. Alekseevsky , Liana David , Tanaka structures (non holonomic G-structures) and Cartan connections, Journal of Geometry and Physics, v.91, 88-100, 2015. Загрузить (478 KB)


Alekseevsky D., Алексеевский Д.В., М. Дикманс, Т. Мохаупт В.Кортес, Quaternionic Kaehler metrics associated with special Kaehler manifolds D.V. Alekseevsky, V. Cort;es, M. Dyckmanns and T. Mohaupt arXiv 1305.3549v, J. Geom. Phys. 92 (2015), 271-287,
Alekseevsky D., R., Manno G., Pugliese F. Alonso-Blanco, Contact geometry of multidimensional Monge-Ampere equations: with R.Alonso-Blanco (Salamanca), G.Manno (Milano), F.Pugliese (Salerno), Annales de l"institut Fourier, 62, no. 2, p. 497-524, 2012.