F. Groshev - Publications


Groshev F., Golubtsov K., Trunov V., “Raduga 6DL” // In Proc. of the The 13-th international salon of research, innovation and technological transfer “Inventica 2009”, Yassi, Romania, 4 -6 june 2009


Groshev F., Golubtsov K., Trunov V., Aidu E., Orlov O., “A method to examine the lability of visual system” // In Proc. of the Russian-Finnish seminar “Russian advanced information technologies”, Finland, September 9, 2008, pp.32-33
Groshev F., Zyablov V., Potapov V., Low-complexity decoded LDPC Codes with Reed-Solomon constituent codes, ACCT, Bulgaria, 2008.