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Institute Structure >> The Academic Council

The Academic Council of the Institute is elected by secret ballot at the conference of the Institute consisted of employees with academic degrees. The Academic Council may also include leading scientists who do not work at the Institute.

The Academic Council of the Institute:

  • develops the main directions of the Institute scientific activities;
  • proposes research plans and programs, plans for research training, for international scientific cooperation, conventions, meetings and conferences, as well as other plans, examines the logistical and financial support of the planned activities;
  • approves the Institute structure;
  • discusses and approves the reports of the director and the heads of academic departments on the results of scientific research;
  • discusses and approves the most important results of the Institute activity for submission to the annual report of RAS;
  • discusses actual problems of science, hears scientific papers and reports;
  • recommends scientific works, inventions and other achievements in competition for nominal medals and prizes;
  • proposes researchers of the Institute for submission to the state awards, for conferring honorary titles;
  • nominates candidates for full membership of RAS, corresponding members of RAS and the position of the Director of the Institute;
  • elects heads of academic departments and research staff, taken on a competitive basis;
  • elects by secret ballot researchers of the Institute to be delegated to the RAS General Committee and to the DNIT (Department of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies) RAS General Committee.
  • elects editors for the publications approved by the Institute and approves the editorial boards as advised by the Director of the Institute;
  • reviews and approves the drafting plans for the scientific papers of the Institute, recommends scientific works of the Institute for publication;
  • evaluates the results of scientific research of the Institute and its research units;
  • determines the principles of research logistics and research organization of the Institute;
  • discusses general issues related to training and advanced training of the staff; discusses the results of evaluation, approves the themes of doctoral and master’s theses.

In addressing all these issues the Academic Council relies on the recommendations of the Academic Council departments, elected at the meetings of professional societies.



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