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The Third International Workshop on Stochastic Modeling and Applied Research of Technology (SMARTY 2022), Petrozavodsk & Online, August 21-25, 2022

SMARTY workshop aims to bring together researchers working on the theoretical, algorithmic and methodological aspects of queueing theory, stochastic modeling and applied probability, focusing on applications of such methods across a broad spectrum of technical systems with primary interest in high-performance and distributed computing systems. The site is http://smarty22.karelia.website/#about

Key focus of the Conference:

SMARTY 2022 sets up a working environment to share recent results on

  • Stability and performance issues of stochastic models of high-performance and distributed computing systems, as well as other modern technologies;
  • Applications of queueing theory and applied probability to the analysis of high-performance and distributed computing systems.

A special accent in the program of SMARTY 2022 will be made on perspective computing systems, such as the quantum computing.

V. V. Kalashnikov Memorial Track:

The special track dedicated to the memory of Vladimir V. Kalashnikov and is composed of invited talks is to be held on August 24 as a satellite event of the SMARTY workshop.


Post-proceedings of the workshop are to be published online, after passing a single-blind review procedure by two or more independent reviewers. The Abstracts are to appear at the workshop website together with the schedule.

The official language of SMARTY"22 is English. We expect that the accepted abstracts will be presented at the workshop and encourage the workshop speakers to participate in post-Proceedings volume. 

Youth School:

August 25th is dedicated to students and young researchers focusing on queueing theory, stochastic modeling, applied probability and computer science. We expect several invited lectures and tutorials to inspire young researchers in those fields.


Workshop Secretary: Alexander Rumyantsev, IAMR KRC RAS, Petrozavodsk, Russia

A link will be provided for the online talks, in particular, for the memorial V.V.Kalashnikov session.

16.08.2022 | Веретенников Александр Юрьевич


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