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Automation and Remote Control


Editor-in-Chief: N. A. Kuznetsov

Associate Editors: A. A. Krasovskii, P. P. Parkhomenko

Secretary: V. A. Lototskii

Editorial Board: F. T. Aleskerov, N. A. Bobylev, V. N. Bukov, P. Yu.Chebotarev, S. V. Emel"yanov, A. I. Kibzun, V. B. Kolmanovskii, V. V. Kul"ba, A. P. Kurdyukov, O. P. Kuznetsov, B. V. Lunkin, B. M. Miller, L. A. Mironovskii, V. N. Novosel"tsev, B. T. Polyak, Yu. S. Popkov, I. V. Prangishvili, A. I. Propoi, Ye. S. Pyatnitskii, V. V. Rykov, A. P. Uzdemir, V. I. Venets, V. M. Vishnevskii, B. G. Volik.

In April 1936, the first journal in the world devoted especially to the issues in control theory, "Avtomatika i Telemekhanika," come off press. The frequency of publication was six issues per year.

Since 1956 the journal has been a monthly publication and it has been translated into English and published in the United States under the title "Automation and Re-mote Control" by Plenum Publishing Corporation (233 Spring St., New York, NY 10013, USA).

During its existence, the scope of the journal substantially evolved and expanded to reflect virtually all subjects concerned in one way or another with the current science of control.

Now "Automation and Remote Control" contains research and survey articles in the following and related areas:

  • Deterministic Systems;
  • Stochastic Systems;
  • Queuing Systems;
  • Discrete Systems;
  • Adaptive and Robust Systems;
  • Evolving Systems;
  • Developing Systems;
  • Simulation of Behavior and Intellect;
  • Control Hardware;
  • Computer-Aided Production Control Systems;
  • Computers in Control;
  • Automation of Design and Programming;
  • Control in Biological Systems and Medicine;
  • Automata;
  • Technical Diagnostics;
  • Reliability;
  • Computing Techniques in Automatic Control;
  • Technical Tools in Control.

Automation and Remote Control is abstracted or indexed in Mathematical Reviews, Chemical Abstracts, Electronics and Communications Abstracts Journals, Current Contents, Engineering Index, Applied Mechanics Reviews, Computer and Information Systems Abstracts Journal, Zentralblatt fü r Mathematik, and Information Science Abstracts.




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