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Algorithms of Grid Computing

In the context of the development new and adaptation well-known computational algorithms of solution complicated and computationally capacious mathematical problems, there are such mainstream tasks as:

  • exploration of demands of the scientific society in computational algorithms of solution such tasks as optimisation (both global and discrete), modeling of complex systems;
  • analysis of existing numerical methods of solution these problems and transformation these methods into the grid computational algorithms;
  • developing the technologies of using the existing collection of software (libraries of optimisation algorithms and linear algemra, systems of symbolic computing) in scenarious of grid computing;
  • developing new algorithms which realisation ans executing on traditional programming architecture is deliberately uneffective.

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Lab. 8 seminar: January 19, 2:30 pm. N.G. Bibikov. My experiments on the auditory system of...
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Lab. 8 seminar: December 22, 2:30 pm. E.I. Rodionova. The sense of smell of dogs and its use in bas...
Lab. 8 seminar: December 15, 2:30 pm. P.V. Maximov. Color perception of dichromats and its simulati...
Lab. 8 seminar: December 8, 2:30 pm. E.M. Maximova. On the color vision research since 60s of the l...
Lab. 8 seminar: December 1, 2:30 pm. A.A. Ever, N.Yu. Feoktistova. On the question of dogs percept...
Lab. 8 seminar: November 24, 2:30 pm. Victor Gnyubkin et al. Color calculations for stimulus demons...
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