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The full list of staff
1. Alexey KazakovСтарший научный сотрудник
2. Anastasia KalininaJunior researcher
3. Andrey ZaikaTrainee researcher
4. Anna KaznadzeyJunior researcher
5. Anna NikulvaActing junior researcher
6. Dmitriy VinogradovМладший научный сотрудник
7. Ekaterina ErmakovaResearcher
8. Ekaterina Khrameeva
9. Elena StavrovskayaJunior researcher
10. Farida EnikeevaСтарший научный сотрудник
11. Galina KovalevaМладший научный сотрудник
12. Gennady FedoninTrainee researcher
13. Ilya ZharovJunior researcher
14. Inna SuvorovaTrainee researcher
15. Marat KazanovDeputy department chief
16. Olga BochkarevaTrainee researcher
17. Olga SigalovaTrainee researcher
18. Olga TsoyИнженер I категории
19. Pavel Mazin
20. Sofya GarushyantsCategory I programmer
21. Stepan DenisovActing junior researcher
22. Vsevolod FilaretovActing senior researcher
Lab. №8 seminar: March 15, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). V.Yu. Vedenina, L.S. Schestacov. Does the outcome o...
Lab. №8 seminar: February 22, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). E.G. Belkina, O.E. Lazebny, V.Yu. Vedenina. The ...
Lab. №8 seminar: January 18, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Paul Maximov. A puzzle of color properties of sus...
Lab. №8 seminar: December 14, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Vladimir Baron. Electrical organs and electrorec...
Thursday, 07.12.2017 at 15:40 - IUM general seminar Globus....
Lab. №8 seminar: November 23, 3:00 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Elena Maximova. Human color sensations when stim...
Lab. №8 seminar: November 9, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Elena Rodionova. The human olfaction: a rudiment ...
Lab. №8 seminar: November 2, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Nika Lavrova. Summary of participation in World S...
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