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December 29, 2009.

Speakers: P.P.Nikolaev, D.P.Nikolaev

December 22, 2009.

14.00. Speaker: Malutov M.B. (Northeastern University, Boston).

16.00. Speaker: V.A. Malyshev.

December 8, 2009.

Speaker: V. Blinovski.

December 1, 2009.

Speaker: V. Lubecki.

November 17, 2009.

Speaker: Alexei Bufetov

November 10, 2009.

Speaker: B.M. Gurevich.

October 27, 2009.

Speaker: S. Shlosman.

October 20, 2009.

Speaker: Maxim Arnold.

October 13, 2009.

Speaker: Vadim Scherbakov.

October 6, 2009.

Speaker: Alexander Bufetov

September 29, 2009.

Speaker: A.Yu. Veretennikov.

September 22, 2009.

Speaker: Andrei Sobolevskii.

September 15, 2009.

Speaker: Gleb Oshanin.

July 28, 2009.

Speaker: Evgeny Lakshtanov.

July 21, 2009.

Speaker: V. Sidoravicius.

July 14, 2009.

Speaker: V. Sidoravicius, CWI-Amsterdam and IMPA-Rio de Janeiro

"Absorbing-State Phase Transition for Stochastic Sandpiles and Activated Random Walks"


We study long time behavior of one-dimensional conservative interactingparticle systems on $mathbb Z$. In particular, we consider theActivated Random Walk Model for reaction-diffusion systems, andStochastic Sandpile Model. Our main result, based on Diaconis-Fultonrepresentation of dynamics, is that the system locally fixates when theinitial density of particles is small enough, establishing theexistence of a non-trivial phase transition in the density parameter.This fact has been predicted by theoretical physics arguments andsupported by numerical analysis.

July 9, 2009 (Thursday).

Speaker: A. Yambartsev

Izing Model on Lorentsian Triangulations.


Ising model without external field on an infinite Lorentziantriangulation sampled from the uniform distribution is considered. Weprove uniqueness of the Gibbs measure in the high temperature regionand coexistence of at least two Gibbs measures at low temperature.Theproofs are based on the disagreement percolation method and on avariant of Peierls method. The critical temperature is shown tobeconstant a.s.

July 7, 2009.

Speaker: A.A. Puhalskii.

June 2, 2009.

Speaker: Grigori Olshanski.

May 28, 2009 (Thursday).

Speaker: M.B. Malutov (Boston).

May 26, 2009.

Speaker: Mark Freidlin (USA).

May 21, 2009 (Thursday).

Speaker: Mark Freidlin (USA).

May 19, 2009.

Speaker: V.M.Gercik (MITP RAN)

May 12, 2009.

Speaker: Ilya Shkredov.

May 5, 2009.

Speaker: N. Krylov (USA)

April 28, 2009.

Speaker: D.N.Ahiezer.

April 21, 2009.

Speaker: I.V. V"jugin

April 14, 2009.

Speaker: V.A.Malyshev.

April 7, 2009.

Speaker: Y.Kondratiev.

"Vlasov equations in stochastic dynamics"

March 31, 2009.

Speaker: A. Komech

"On Global Attraction to Quantum Stationary States".

Astract. Papers on subject: 12.

March 24, 2009.

Speaker: Georgii Magaril-Il"iaev.

March 17, 2009.

Speaker: Alexander Shen".

March 10, 2009.

Speaker: V. Blinovski

March 3, 2009.

Speaker: S.A. Stepanov
February 24, 2009.
Speaker: Shlosman S.B.

"Goldstone bosons and hammock potentials in 2D."
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