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December 24

Vladimir Sidorenko

Hermitian Ñodes that Correct Error Bursts

December 17

Leonid Bassalygo (IITP RAS, lab.4)

Optimal Equitable Symbol Weight Codes

December 10

Dmitrii Zinoviev 

On the Number of 1-Factorization of the Full Graph

December 3

V. Schukin

Disjoint Codes with List Decoding

November 26

O. Trushina
Anonymous Method of Transmission in Networks with Network Coding

November 19

Pavel Trifonov

Polar Codes with Dynamically Frozen Symblos and their Sequential Decoding

November 12

Vladimir Potapov

Perfect Coloring of Hypercube and Discrete Fourier Transforms

November 5

Alexey Frolov

Paper of Sergey Gelfand, Roland Dobrushin,  Marks Pinsker "On the Complexity of Coding"

October 29

Peter Boyvalenkov

Remote Distribution of Orthogonal Array

October 22

Pavel Rybin

Exponents of Decoding Failure and Error Probability of LDPC Code for Feedback Schemes

October 15

G. Katona

A Few Words on the Barany"s Structured Theorem

October 8

Alexei Frolov

Capacity for a User of a Multiple-access System in a Vector Adder Channel

October 1

Vladimir Lebedev

About Combinatorial Search of Active Objects

September 24

S. Ekhanin

On Locality of Code Symbols

May 28

S. Popova

0-1 Principles for Properties of Random Graphs with Vertixes under 0-1 Tuples

May 21

N. Polyansky

Upper Rates Bounds of Disjoint Codes`

May 14

D. Chernikov

Error Correction Coding with Using of Bi-Orthogonal Transformations

April 23

Grigory Kabatiansky 

About the Coding Theory under the Real Numbers` Field

April 16

Leonid Bassalygo

About Number of Nonzero Permanents under Odd Characteristics` Field

April 9

I. Vorobyov

About the Recursive Bound for Disjunctive Codes` Rate

April 2

Vladimir Potapov

Transitive Perfect Codes

March 26 

V. Lomakov

Cyclic Codes with Permanent Structural Distance and Correction Capability Increasing with Code Length 

March 19

Alexandr Shen`

The Final Version of the 13th Hilbert Problem and Other Questions

March 5

Alexei Garber

The Voronoi`s Hypothesis about Parallelotopes

February 26

V. Lomakov

Cyclic Codes with Permanent Structural Distance and Correction Capability Increasing with Code Length

February 19

Pavel Rybin

Probability Exponents for Erroneous Decoding of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes

February 12 

Marat Burnashev

Thresholds for the Iiterative Decoding

February 5 

Skachek V.

On Error-Correction and Security for Index Coding with Side Information 

January 29

V. Potapova 

Multidimentional Permanents and q-ary Designs 

January 22

Victor Zinoviev

Binary Perfect Codes with the Specified Rank

January 15

Alexey Kreschuk

Using Statistical Criteria to Decode Special Coded Modulations

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