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13.12.2018 Marina Kochevalina (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Changes in the individual odor of the body associated with the development of a malignant tumor

29.11.2018 Alexey Aliper (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Receptive field structure of sustained ganglion cells in the fish retina

22.11.2018 Oleg Orlov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): "How does the sense look like?": On the color discrimination and coding in a single fiber

15.11.2018 Nikita Sevastyanov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): The speed of evolution of acoustic signals in the locusts of Gomphocerinae subfamily (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

08.11.2018 Alisa Zaichikova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Neurons of fish tectum opticum. A review and our observations.

01.11.2018 Leo Schestacov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Biotremology 2018 - an intention to see the vibrational communication in any activity

04.10.2018 Vladimir Olshanskiy (Dr.Sci., Senior researcher, SIEE RAS, Laboratory for behaviour of lower vertebrates): On the possible ethological function of special volleys of electrical monopolar pulses generated by females of Clarias macrocephalus during mating


Alexandra Limanskaia (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): Polysomnographic study of the phenomenon of central apnea in healthy cats
Ivan Pigarev (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): Sleep and the process of dark adaptation

24.05.2018 Mariam Bangura, Marina Kochevalina and Elena Rodionova (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): Behavior of dogs when searching for a sample of the diseased organism among the samples of healthy ones

26.04.2018 Alexey Aliper (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): On the structure of receptive fields of orientational-selective ganglion cells in the goldfish retina

29.03.2018 Dmitry Lapshin (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS), Dmitry Vorontsov (IDB RAS, Laboratory of developmental neurobiology): Frequency conditionality of behavioural reactions of mosquito males

22.03.2018 Ivan Pigarev (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): To the World Day of Sleep. A long and difficult way to the visceral sleep theory.

15.03.2018 V.Yu. Vedenina, L.S. Schestacov (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): "I′m not lucky in death, I′m lucky in love": Does the outcome of the male fights affect the character of courtship in cricket Gryllus bimaculatus?

22.02.2018 E.G. Belkina, O.E. Lazebny (Laboratory of Evolutionary Developmental Genetics, IDB RAS), V.Yu. Vedenina (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): The role of acoustic communication in the courtship behavior of closely related species of the Drosophila virilis group

18.01.2018 Paul Maximov, Alexey Aliper, Ilija Damjanovic, Elena Maximova, Vadim Maximov (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): A puzzle of color properties of sustained ganglion cells in the fish retina. (Sustained ganglion cells in the fish retina proved to be more complex than we thought.)


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