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Conferences and visits

International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Russia, Suzdal 2008

International Conference "X Belarussian Mathematical Conference", Belarus, Minsk, November 3 –7 2008

International Conference on Differential Equations (Erugin"s readings – 2009), Belarus, Pinsk, May 26–29, 2009

International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Russia, Suzdal 2010

"Information Technology and Systems" (ItaS"10), Russia, Gelendzhik, September 20 – 24, 2010

International Mathematical Conference "50 Years of IITP", Russia, Moscow, July 25 – 29, 2011

International conference "Differential Equations and Related Topics" dedicated to outstanding mathematician I. G. Petrovskii, Russia, Moscow, May 29–June 04, 2011

"Formal and Analytic Solutions of Di erential and Di erence Equations", Poland, Bedlewo, August 8--13, 2011

"Information Technology and Systems" (ItaS"11), Russia, Gelendzhik, October 2 – 7, 2011

"Information Technology and Systems" (ItaS"12), Russia, Petrozavodsk, August 19 – 25, 2012

Workshop on the Differential and Difference Equations in the Complex Domain, Poland, Warsaw September 10-15, 2012

International conference "Analysis and Singularities" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Igorevich Arnold, Russia, Moscow, December 17–21, 2012

"Formal and Analytic Solutions of Differential, Difference and Discrete Equations", Poland Bedlewo, August 25 -31, 2013

"Information Technology and Systems" (ItaS"13), Russia, Kaliningrad, September 1-6, 2013

"Resent progress in the theory of Painleve equations: algebraic, asymptotic and topological athpects", France, Strasbourg, November 4 -- 8, 2013

Visit to University of Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw, April 3 -- 14, 2014



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