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2016 year
Authors: Gurevich B., Komech S.

B.M. Gurevich & S.A. Komech, "Entropy, Lyapunov exponents and the boundary deformation rate under the action of hyperbolic dynamical systems", Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, Volume 22, Issue 1, 2016, pages 140-146.

2015 year
Authors: Descombes Xavier, Zhizhina E., Komech S.

Elena Zhizhina, Sergey Komech, Xavier Descombes, arXiv:1512.02603, Modelling axon growing using CTRW, 2015

2013 year
Authors: Komech S.

Komech S., Boundary distortion in dynamical systems and in image analysis, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 2013, Vol. 43, Pp. 207--211.

2012 year
Authors: Komech S.

S.Komech, Boundary Distortion Rate in Synchronized Systems: Geometrical Meaning of Entropy, Problems of Information Transmission, vol.48, no.1, 2012, pp.15-25.
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2012 year
Authors: Komech S., Gurevich B.

Gurevich B., Komech S.,On evolution of small spheres in the phase space of a dynamical system, ESAIM: PROC, 2012, vol.36, pp.68-72.

2011 year
Authors: Komech S., Gurevich B.

Гуревич Б.М., Комеч С.А. , О мерах скорости деформации границ под действием динамических систем, International conference "Differential Equations and Related Topics", dedicated to 110 anniversary of I.G.Petrovskii, Moscow, MSU, May, 30 - June 4, 2011. Book of Abstracts. pp. 184-185. ISBN 978-5-9556-0122-9.

2011 year
Authors: Komech S., Descombes Xavier

Descombes X., Komech S., Boundary Distortion Volume and Invariant Metric in Image Analysis, Information Technology and Systems" 2011 Proceedings, ISBN CD: 978-5-901158-16-6, 2011, pp. 177-179.

2011 year
Authors: Komech S., Descombes Xavier

Descombes X., Komech S., Shape descriptor based on the volume of transformed image boundary, PReMI"2011, Springer-Verlag LNCS series, pp. 142-147.

2010 year
Authors: Komech S., Gurevich B.

Gurevich B.M., Komech S.A.,Lyapunov exponents and evolution of boundaries in the phase space of a hyperbolic dynamical system, Proceedings of Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics: Rokhlin Memorial Conference, 2010, pp.41-43, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2009 year
Authors: Komech S.

Komech S., {it Entropy and the boundary distortion rate for smooth dynamical systems}, p.30 in: XVI International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Prague, August 3-8, 2009.

Публикаций на странице:    Page: 1
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