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2012 year
Authors: Kulikova S.P., 2543, Anderson P., Gaudias J., Adams B.E., Zheng T., Pinault D.

Opposite effects of ketamine and deep brain stimulation on rat thalamocortical information processing. // EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 36(10), pp.3407-3419, 2012.
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2012 year
Authors: 2543, S. Oitzl M., van Luijtelaar G.

Stress, glucocorticoids and absences in a genetic epilepsy model. // HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR 61(5), pp. 706-710, 2012.
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2009 year
Authors: Hakami T., Jones N.C., 2543, Gaudias J., Chaumont J., Salzberg M., J. O'Brien T., Pinault D.

NMDA Receptor Hypofunction Leads to Generalized and Persistent Aberrant gamma Oscillations Independent of Hyperlocomotion and the State of Consciousness. // PLOS ONE 4(8), 2009.
Download (944.4 KB)

2007 year
Authors: 2543

Steroid hormones in the regulation of absence seizures: a putative role of the limbic system. // THESIS NICI NIJMEGEN, 2007.
Download (753.6 KB)

2007 year
Authors: Mares P., 2543

Comparison of cortical epileptic afterdischarges in immature genetic absence epilepsy WAG/Rij rats with those in two other strains (ACI and Wistar). // EPILEPSIA, 48, pp.164-167, 2007.
Download (155.4 KB)

2007 year
Authors: 2543, van Luijtelaar G.

Absence seizures are reduced by the enhancement of GABA-ergic inhibition in the hippocampus in WAG/Rij rats NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 416(1), p. 17-21, 2007.
Download (297.7 KB)

2007 year
Authors: 2543, van Luijtelaar G.

The role of ovarian steroid hormones in the regulation of basal and stress induced absence seizures. // JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 104(3-5), pp.281-288, 2007.
Download (387.4 KB)

2004 year
Authors: 2543, van Luijtelaar G., Chepurnov S.A., Kaminskij Y., Mares P.

Cortical and limbic excitability in rats with absence epilepsy. // EPILEPSY RESEARCH, 62(2-3), pp. 189-198, 2004.
Download (234.3 KB)

2004 year
Authors: 2543, Chepurnov S.A., Chepurnova N.E., Kochetkov Y.A., van Luijtelaar G.

Absence seizures during pregnancy in WAG/Rij rats. // PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR 81(4), pp. 623-627, 2004.
Download (161.1 KB)

2002 year
Authors: Chepurnov S.A., Chepurnova N.E., 2543, Kochetkov Y.A., van Luijtelaar E.L., Coenen A.M.

Pregnancy in WAG/Rij rats--changes in the levels of progesterone, estradiol and generalized absence epilepsy. // Ross. Fiziol. Zh. Im. I.M. Sechenova, 88(6), pp. 741-50, 2002.

Публикаций на странице:    Page: 1
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