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2009 year
Authors: Kazennikov O., Shlykov V., Levik Y.

Relationship between postural oscillations on an unstable support and variations of the force of grip on a hand-held object. Human Physiology. 2009. vol. 35, No 3, pp. 386-388. Русский оригинал: Физиология человека, 2009, т. 35, № 3, с. 137-139.
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1999 year
Authors: Popov K., Kozhina G., Smetanin B., Shlykov V.

Postural responses to combined vestibular and hip proprioceptive stimulation. Eur. J. Neurosci., 1999, Vol. 11, № 9, 3307-3311.

Публикаций на странице:    Page: 1
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