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2008 year
Authors: Semenova O., Lakontsev D.

Analysis of performance of metropolian area mesh network with polling // Distributed Computer and Communication Networks. Theory and Applications (DCCN-2008), Moscow: IITP RAS, 2008. P. 101-110.

2008 year
Authors: 128, Lakontsev D., Safonov A., Shpilev S.

IEEE 802.11s mesh networks: technology and implementation. First mile. 2-3/2008, pp. 26-31

2006 year
Authors: Astafyeva I., 128, Lakontsev D., Shpilev S.

Adaptive dynamic polling mechanism as applied to the IP phone networks // ISBN 5-85638-111-4. International Workshop. Proc. Of Distributed Computer and Communication Networks (DCCN-2006). Moscow, 2006. P. 65 – 79

2006 year
Authors: 128, Lakontsev D., Semenova O., Shpilev S.

A model of the polling system for studying the broadband wireless networks // Automation and Remote Control. 2006. Vol. 67, No. 12. P. 1974-1985

2006 year
Authors: 128, Lakontsev D., Semenova O., Shpilev S.

About one stochastic polling system ant it"s appliance for the modeling wireless networks // ISBN 5-201-14987-1. Third international conference on the management problems (20-22 of June 2006 year): Proceedings of conference. Vol 2. - M.: Institute of Control Sciences RAS. 2006. P. 145

2005 year
Authors: Kushnir T.S., Lakontsev D., Safonov A.

"Polling mechanisms in IEEE 802.11 wireless router", Proc. of Distributed Computer and Communication Networks (DCCN) Workshop, Moscow, 2005

Публикаций на странице:    Page: 1
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