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Structural Models and Deep Learning

Joint IITP RAS, NRU HSE &Skoltech seminar  

December 6 (Tuesday), 1830, IITP, room 615   
Bykov E.M. (MIPT)
Smart Resource Allocation with Concurrent Learning Scheme for Heterogeneous LTE Smallcell Networks
We propose a distributed multi-agent strategy, where small cells locally control resource usage to maximise the overall system capacity. The main goal is to provide each cell with the ability to make its decision autonomously while taking into account the resource occupation of the surrounding cells. We study the coexistence with non-cooperative macro-environment and propose a mechanism to increase the efficiency of Q-learning with a smart safe-shift procedure. We illustrate the application of this distributed learning strategy for the subband  allocation and propose several mechanisms to improve the convergence speed in the absence of communication.   
04.12.2016 | Efimova Maria


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