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Obituary notice

On October 27 2019, an honorary professor of our institute Yorn Justesen sadly passed away at 76 years old.

Jorn Justesen was a professor at the Technical University of Denmark. He was a wonderful person and a talented scientist who had Justesen"s codes named after him. Jorn Justesen participated in the creation of the prototype of the error-correcting coding system for ESA-NASA space communication standards, investigated cascading code constructions, algebraic and convolutional codes, and many other problems of information theory and error-correcting coding. An incomplete list of publications is available at http://iitp.ru/en/about/1107.htm.

Jorn Justesen actively supported scientists of the Institute of Information and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPPI RAS) in the difficult 80s and 90s. He co-authored numerous scientific works of scientists of IPPI RAS. In 2004, Jorn Justesen was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of IPPI RAS for his active cooperation. He was an example of genuine and keen scientific creativity and collaboration.

29.10.2019 | Cyril Ivanov


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