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Conference in honour of Alexander Komech

Partial Differential Equations
in Mathematical Physics

Conference in honour of Alexander Komech

 IITP, B. Karetny, 19, Moscow, Russia

May 26-27, 2011




Vladimir Chepyzhov. On the minimal approach in the theory of global attractors 

Alexander Demidov. Inverse problem for Grad-Shafranov equation (plasma equilibrium in Tokamak)

Tatiana Dudnikova.  Derivation of equations for the lattice dynamics

Andrey Fursikov. Parabolic equations of normal type: structure of the phase flow and nonlocal feedback stabilization

Alexey Ilyin. On a regularizing mechanism for the periodic Korteweg-de Vries equation

Yavdat Ilyasov.  Generalized Collatz-Wayland formula and finding bifurcations for equations with supercritical nonlinearity

Valery Imaikin.  Development of the methods of derivation of solitary asymptotics in the field-particle systems by Alexander Komech

Andrey Komech.  Application of the Titchmarsh theorem and nonlinear version of the Kato lemma for finding the attractor of nonlinear dispersive equations by Alexander Komech

Sergey Komech.  Deformation of the boundary of the phase space of dynamical systems

Elena Kopylova.  Weighted energy decay for Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations

Sergey Kuksin.  Quantum versions of the averaging, Nekhoroshev and KAM theorems.




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