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International workshop

International workshop

"Structural methods of data analysis and optimization"

PreMoLab, Moscow, 15-17 December 2011


Friday 16 December

13:30-14:00 Opening Ceremony

Session I: Modern Statistics

14:00-14:45: Sara van de Geer, The Bernstein-Orlicz norm and deviation inequalities
14:45-15:30: Elmar Diederichs, Sparse non-Gaussian Component Analysis

Session II: Convex Optimization

16:00-16:45: Arkadi Nemirovski, Saddle point algorithms for large-scale well-structured convex optimization
16:45-17:30: Yuri Nesterov, Subgradient methods for solving huge-scale minimization problems

Saturday 17 December

Session III: Statistics, Optimization, Learning

9:00-9:45: Anatoli Juditsky, Accuracy guaranties for l1 recovery of block-sparse signals
9:45-10:30: Philippe Rigollet, Sparsity pattern aggregation

Session IV: Statistics, Finance, Econometrics

11:00-11:45: Denis Belomestny, Solving optimal stopping problems by empirical dual optimization and penalization
11:45-12:30: Valentin Patilea, Inference with conditional moment restrictions




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