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Laboratory 11

Vision Systems

Head of the laboratory – PhD Dmitry Petrovich Nikolaev

The "Vision systems" laboratory was founded in 2007 as a separate division called "Sector 8.1" linked to the "Sensory information processing" laboratory and in 2015 it received its current status. The laboratory researchers work on image processing tasks using the knowledge of human perception and modelling the biological vision phenomena applicable to technical vision systems.

The current research areas cover a wide range of essential problems in image analysis and computer vision. The major technical research directions are autonomous technical vision systems, neural network based methods of image and video analysis and tomographic reconstruction methods. The laboratory publishes open datasets corresponding to the mentioned research areas at: http://vis.iitp.ru/.

The laboratory also continues the studies of human vision system being the successor of the N. D. Njuberg, M. M. Bongard and A. L. Yarbus scientific traditions.



1. Dmitry Nikolaev Head of the laboratory, PhD, Associate Professor
2. Ekaterina Volodina Intern researcher
3. Vladislav Nikolaenko Senior specialist, PhD
4. Aleksandr Paraskevov Senior researcher, PhD
5. Lyudmila Tarakanova Specialist
6. Arseny Terekhin Junior researcher

The group of human visual system research and imaging methods

7. Galina Rozhkova Principal researcher, Doctor of Science, Professor
8. Aleksandr Belokopytov Researcher
9. Nadezhda Vasilyeva Leading researcher, Doctor of Science
10. Maria Gracheva Senior researcher, PhD
11. Marina Danilova Leading researcher, PhD
12. Anna Kazakova Researcher, PhD
13. Svetlana Rychkova Leading researcher, Doctor of Medicine
14. Nadezhda Surovicheva Principal specialist, PhD
15. Elena Timonina First-category engineer

The group of mathematical models of vision and visualization methods

16. Ilya Nikolaev Senior researcher, PhD
17. Nafee Al-Kazir Junior researcher
18. Olga Basova Researcher, PhD
19. Sergey Gladilin Senior researcher, PhD
20. Mikhail Zhidkov  Intern researcher
21. Ivan Konovalenko Researcher, PhD 
22. Anastasiya Sarycheva Junior researcher
23. Valerij Timofeev Junior researcher

The group of spatial and color vision 

24. Petr Nikolaev Principal researcher, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science
25. Dmitry Bocharov Researcher, PhD
26. Vladislav Volkov Junior researcher
27. Ekaterina Dudenko Intern researcher
28. Semen Karpenko Researcher
29. Daniil Kuschev Intern researcher
30. Almir Nurmukhametov Junior researcher
31. Maria Pavlova Junior researcher
32. Dmitriy Sidorchik Junior researcher

The group of autonomous machine vision systems

33. Evgeny Shvets
Senior researcher, PhD
34. Lev Teplyakov Junior researcher
35. Mihail Chekanov Junior researcher
36. Oleg Shipitko Junior researcher
37. Alexey Shoshin Junior researcher
38. Maria Jarykina Junior researcher, PhD

The group of methods for visual identification, indexing and authentication

39. Irina Kunina Researcher, PhD 
40. Elena Limonova Junior researcher, PhD
41. Tatyana Postnikova Engineer
42. Dmitry Sholomov Senior researcher, PhD

The group of computational methods of tomography

43. Marina Chukalina Leading researcher, PhD
44. Marat Gilmanov Researcher, PhD
45. Anastasia Dolmatova Researcher, PhD 
46. Anastasia Ingacheva Researcher, PhD
47. Daniil Kazimirov Intern researcher
48. Petr Kulagin Junior researcher
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