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November 18 

Ekaterina Alexeenko (BFU)

Explicit Ñonstructions of Optimal Genus 3 Ñurves

November 11 

Grigory Kabatyansky 

Non-Metric Problems of Coding Theory

October 28

Arnaud Durand (Université Paris-Sud)

Metric Diophantine approximation on the middle-third Cantor Set

October 1

Krishna Kaipa

Linear Sections of the Grassmannian over finite fields

Weight Hierarchy and Generalized Spectrum of Linear Codes 

September 23 

There will be a preliminary thesis defense by Igor Netai (HSE)

Syzygies of Veronese and Segre Embeddings

May 29

Andrey Levin 

Zeta Values of Imaginary Quadratic Fields and Dilogarithms

April 24

Yuri Bilu (Université Bordeaux I)

Effective proofs of Andre theorem on complex multiplication points on curves

March 20

Philippe Lebacque (Laboratoire de Mathematiques, Université de Franche-Comté; Laboratoire Poncelet)

On the Cohomological Dimension of Some Pro-p-Extensions

March 13

Marc Hindry (Université Paris VII, Laboratory Poncelet)

On the size of generators of solutions of some diophantine equations II 

March 6

Marc Hindry (Paris VII, Laboratory Poncelet)

On the size of generators of solutions of some diophantine equations

February 18 

Dmitry Kubrak (HSE)

Voevodsky Motives and Motivic Fundamental Group 

February 11 

Dmitry Kubrak (HSE)

Tannakian Categories and Periods


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