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Victor Kozyakin

Doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Principal Researcher
Laboratory of Information and Control Theory (#1)


Professional Data



1967-1972. Voronezh State University, Mathematical Faculty. Majored in nonlinear functional analysis, differential equations and control theory. Thesis "On vibrostable differential equations of the 2nd order". Specialty by education: Mathematician.

1973-1976. Postgraduate of Prof. Mark Krasnosel"skii at the Institute for Control Problems, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow.



Doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, 1992. Thesis "Methods for investigation of stability of desynchronized impulse systems", defended at the National Research Institute of System Studies, Moscow. Specialty 01.01.11 — "System analysis and remote control".

Candidate of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, 1979. Thesis "Some problems of the theory of bifurcations of periodic motions (phenomenon of subfurcation)", defended at the Institute of Electronic Technology, Moscow. Specialty 01.01.01 — "Mathematical analysis".



Senior Scientific Researcher, 1991. Specialty 01.01.11 — "System analysis and remote control".

Public activity:  


Member of the Dissertation Soviet K.064.12.04 (scientific degree"s qualification board) at the Yaroslavl State University (1996-2000).

Member of the Dissertation Soviet D.002.077.01 (scientific degree"s qualification board) at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (2001-2007, 2011-now).

Member of the Dissertation Soviet D.002.077.03 (scientific degree"s qualification board) at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (2011-now).

Member of the Editorial Board of the electronic journal "Information processes".

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (2011-2022)

Personal Data

Date and place of birth:  


April 16, 1950, Gorkii, USSR

Marital status:


Married, son

Languages spoken:


Russian, English





Institute for Information Transmission Problems. Russian Academy of Sciences. Senior Researcher, Leading Researcher, Principal Researcher, Deputy Head of the Sector of Mathematical Methods in the Control Theory. Description of work: Investigation of stability of asynchronous systems. New notions of stability in classes of desynchronization were introduced and methods of investigation stability of asynchronous systems were developed. Investigation of influence of controllability-type properties on transients in asynchronous systems. Applications of the stability theory of asynchronous systems for analysis of dynamics of datagram networks. Investigation of influence of temporal/spatial discretization on dynamics of continuous systems. Investigation of stability of asynchronous neural networks. Investigation of the problem of generalized spectral radius of a family of linear operators.



Hebrew State University. Faculty of Informatics. Moscow. Associated Professor. Description of work: Lectures in linear algebra and geometry. Students supervision.



Research Institute of Remote Control Systems. "NPO ASU Moskva". Senior Researcher. Description of work: Investigation of stability of phase and frequency desynchronized systems. Development of symbolic dynamics technique for studying of stability of frequency desynchronized systems. Modeling of the air pollution in the Moscow region.



National Cardiology Research Center. Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow. Senior Engineer, Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Leading Researcher, Head of Group of computer real-time diagnostic of heart rhythm in coronary care units, Head of Group of image processing. Description of work: Electrocardiogram parameters estimating. Designing of automated computer system for real-time diagnostic in coronary care units. Developing of new algorithms for fast smoothing of electrocardiograms and fast elimination of artifacts, based on "median filtering principle". Designing of median-filtering-based reliable algorithms for determining electrocardiogram wave parameters (QRS-complexes and P-wave) and edge detection in radioisotope images. Topological classification of singularities. New necessary and sufficient conditions for topological classification of singularities for sub-definite mappings. Application of the developed methods to investigation of Hopf bifurcation problem.



Institute for Control Problems. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow. Postgraduate student. Description of work: Investigation of bifurcation effects accompanying the loss of equilibrium of autonomous/periodic differential/difference equations. It was found that in general situation the loss of stability is accompanied by bifurcation of long periodic solutions with periods growing to infinity at the moment of branching. This phenomenon was named phenomenon of subfurcation. Later the simple explanation of subfurcation phenomenon was given by V.Arnold (but only for sufficiently smooth case).



Institute of Mathematics of the Voronezh State University, Voronezh. Engineer. Description of work: Analysis of vibrostability conditions for 2nd order differential equations.



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