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2017 year
Authors: Burnaev E., Koptelov I., Novikov G., Khanipov T.

"Automatic Construction of a Recurrent Neural Network based Classifier for Vehicle Passage Detection, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, September 2016
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2015 year
Authors: Grigoryev A., Khanipov T., Koptelov I., Bocharov D., Postnikov V., Nikolaev D.

Building a robust vehicle detection and classification module. // Eighth International Conference on Machine Vision (pp. 98751J-98751J). International Society for Optics and Photonics
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2015 year
Authors: Khanipov T., Koptelov I., Grigoryev A., Elena K., Nikolaev D.

"Vision-based industrial Automatic Vehicle Classifier", Proceedings of SPIE vol. 9445 (ICMV-2014), 2015, ISBN 9781628415605.
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2011 year
Authors: Grigoryev A., Khanipov T., Nikolaev D.

Determination of Axle Count for Vehicle Recognition and Classification. Proceedings of the 8-th Open German-Russian workshop on pattern recognition and image understanding, 2011 pp. 89-91.
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