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July 28 is the 4th day of the International Mathematical Conference "50 years of IITP".

I.Krichever (Columbia University & IITP), A.Nemirovski (Georgia Tech & CEMI RAS), J.Bernstein (Tel Aviv University) gave speeches at the plenary session.











The chairman of the conference professor Ya. Sinai expressed his gratitude to the conference organizers and participants for their fruitful work.


 L.Bassalygo, V.Sidorenko, R. Johannesson, M.Burnashov, V.Prelov received as a gift the photo of sport team from the personal archive of S.Gelfand.


A.Kuleshov gave M.Bossert (Director of Institute of Telecommunications and Applied Information Theory, Ulm University) Diploma for long-term fruitful cooperation.




Full version of photo report on the 4th day of the conference can be viewed at http://photo.qip.ru/users/catlion/96608667/



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