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Grigori Olshanski

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I am a principal research scientist in the Laboratory of Algebra and Number Theory at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems  (Kharkevich Institute) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

I am also a professor at the Igor Krichever Center for Advanced Studies, Skoltech (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), and at the Faculty of Mathematics, HSE University

Contact info: 

Email address  olsh2007 AT gmail DOT com

Postal address  Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Bolshoy Karetny 19, Moscow 127051, Russia

Phone (Director"s secretary)    (+7 495) 650 42 25

Areas of expertise: 

representation theory, algebraic combinatorics

Current research interests: 

representations of infinite-dimensional groups and related problems in algebraic combinatorics and probability

Education and degrees: 

1969 Diploma in Mathematics from the Moscow State University

1973 PhD in Mathematics (candidate of sciences, in Russian) from the Moscow State University. Advisor Alexandre Kirillov

        Thesis: Representations of reductive groups over local nonarchimedean fields

1990 Second degree (doctor of sciences, in Russian) from the Steklov Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg

        Thesis: Unitary representations of infinite-dimensional classical groups  pdf

Complete list of papers: pdf

My papers in arXiv: click here

My papers in Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Ogrpr_gAAAAJ&hl=en

My papers in zbMATH [open access]: https://zbmath.org/authors/?q=olshanski%2C+g*

Search of my papers in MathSciNet [subscription required]:

Because there are many different  transliterations of my name in MathSciNet, I recommend to use the abridged  form  ol*anski*, g*   

Alternatively, you may use my MR Author ID: 189402 (for papers since 1978) and 511324 (for old papers 1969-1978)


My first student work (1967) about a nontrivial commutative subalgebra in the algebra "pq-qp=1" generated by d/dx and x (three handwritten pages in Russian). pdf

My old (1990) long paper "Unitary representations of infinite-dimensional pairs
(G,K) and the formalism of R. Howe".

My D.Sci.Thesis (1989) "Unitary representations of infinite-dimensional classical groups" (in Russian, 271 pp).  pdf

BOOK: A. Borodin and G. Olshanski, Representations of the infinite symmetric group. Cambridge University Press, 2017.   Here is a preliminary version posted with publisher"s permission: pdf

Link to videos of talks given at the MIT conference "Representation Theory, Probability, and Symmetric Functions", August 22-24, 2019:    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL80adz7veGbBc1wqiTT3Rh4IwOdmRRsCM

My teacher   Alexandre Kirillov

Former PhD students:

Maxim Nazarov * , Professor at University of York

Andrei Okounkov *,  Professor at Columbia University

Alexei Borodin *,  Professor at MIT

Vladimir Ivanov,  Independent University of Moscow

Leonid Petrov ,  Associate Professor at University of Virginia

Vadim Gorin , Associate Professor at University of California, Berkeley

Anton Osinenko,  

Alexey Bufetov,  Professor at Leipzig University

Nikita Safonkin, Postdoc at Leipzig University

* shared with Alexandre Kirillov 


Alexei Borodin, Alexander I. Bufetov, Alexey Bufetov, Cesar Cuenca, Alexander GnedinVadim Gorin, Vladimir Ivanov,  Sergei KerovEugene LytvynovAlexander MolevMaxim Nazarov ,  Yuri Neretin,  Andrei Okounkov , Anton Osinenko,  Maria Christina Prati,  Amitai Regev,  Nikita Safonkin,  Eugene StrahovAnatoly Vershik

Materials of past courses and seminars (in Russian)

" ", 2016. ( )    pdf

Seminar/course "Representations and probability  (Fall 2013, in Russian)

Seminar "Analysis, probability, algebra"  (Fall 2013, in Russian)"


Memorial website of   Sergei Kerov (1946-2000)

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