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2014 year
Authors: Zhilin I., Rybin P., Ivanov F., Zyablov V.

Zhilin I., Rybin P., Ivanov F., Zyablov V., On the Decoding of Tail-Biting UM-LDPC Codes // Proc. of XIV International Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory (ACCT 2014), September 07-13, 2014, Kaliningrad, Russia, pp. 336-341.
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2013 year
Authors: Ivanov F., Zyablov V.

Low-density parity-check codes based on steiner systems and permutation matrices PROBLEMS OF INFORMATION TRANSMISSION Volume: 49 Issue: 4 Pages: 333-347
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2012 year
Authors: Zyablov V., Ivanov F., Potapov V.

Comparison of various constructions of binary LDPC codes based on permutation matrices. Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics. Volume: 57 Issue: 8 Pages: 932-945
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2011 year
Authors: Ivanov F., Shlyk V.A.

Null-sets for the extremal lengths. Journal of Mathematical Sciences. 2011. Volume 178, Issue 2, pages: 163-169
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Публикаций на странице:    Page: 1
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