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2020 year
Authors: Tahchidi H.P., Gracheva M., Kazakova A., Strizhebok A.V., Nadezhda V.

The Role of Modern Information Technologies in the Educational Programs for Children with Normal Visual Functions and with Ophthalmopathology. Annals of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 2020. Article in Press. doi: https://doi.org/10.15690/vramn1186
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2019 year
Authors: Dmitryeva S.V., Manko O., Gracheva M., Nadezhda V., Smoleevsky A., Bubeev O.

Does microgravitation influence the optical apparatus of the eye? // 42nd European Conference on Visual Perception 2019. Leuven, Belgium. 25th - 29th of August. 2019. Perception. V. 48(2S). P. 171. (WOS:000486182000521)
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2019 year
Authors: Dmitrieva S.V., Manko O.M., Smoleevskiy A.E., Nadezhda V., Gracheva M.

Visual acuity monitoring in conditions of psychosocial isolation in a mock-up spacecraft // 41st European Conference on Visual Perception 2018. Trieste, Italy. 26-30 of August. Perception. 2019. V. 48, Suppl. P. 18. (WOS:000468288300064)
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2018 year
Authors: Manko O., Rozhkova G., Smoleevskiy A., Nadezhda V., Gracheva M., Rychkova S.

Psychophysiological assessment of vision in conditions of prolonged isolation in a mock-up spacecraft. Proc. of Moscow International Aerospace Congress IAC18, 28-31 of August 2018, Moscow, Russia. P.213-215.
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2018 year
Authors: Dmitrieva S.V., Gracheva M., Nadezhda V., Smoleevsky A.E., Manko O.M.

Simulation of weightlessness and assessment of its influence on visual performance // Izvestia of the Russian Military Medical Academy. 2018. V.37(2). P. 97-101.
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2017 year
Authors: Nadezhda V.

Binocular integration in children with different levels of reading skills development // Proceedings of XXIII Congress of I.P. Pavlov Physiology Society. Voronezh, September, 18-22. Voronezh, Istoki. P. 1943-1945.
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2016 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Lebedev D., Gracheva M., Rychkova S.

Optimal optotype structure for monitoring visual acuity // 1st International Symposium on Visual Physiology, Environment, and Perception. Riga, Latvia. 6-8 october, 2016. Book of abstracts. P. 45.
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2015 year
Authors: Lukashevich I., Stepanyan K., Popov A., R . Sh . Balugyan

Automated Inference of the Conclusions out of the Blood Test Values // Information Technologies for the Physician. The scientific journal. vol.2, 2015. p. 6-11
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2014 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Lebedev D., Gracheva M., Rychkova S.

Advantages of employing specially modified 3-bar stimuli for visual acuity monitoring in adults and children: Test-retest reliability// 37th European Conference on Visual Perception 2014. Belgrad, Serbia. 24-28 August. Perception. 2014. V. 43, Suppl. P.34.
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2013 year
Authors: Kosek-Szott K., Natkaniec M., Szott S., Krasilov A., Lyakhov A., Safonov A., Tinnirello I.

What"s New for QoS in IEEE 802.11?, IEEE Network, vol. 27, no. 6, November 2013 (IF=2.85)

2013 year
Authors: Khorov E., Krasilov A., Safonov A., Serrano P., Tinnirello I.

Making IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Programmable // Proceedings of Future Network and Mobile Summit (FutureNetworkSummit)

2013 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., Lebedev D.

Visual acuity measurement: Account of the optotype structure // 36th European Conference on Visual Perception 2013. Bremen, Germany. 25-29 August. Perception. 2013. V. 42, Suppl. P. 69.

2012 year
Authors: Rozhkova G., G.I. Rozhkova, Lebedev D.

Visual acuity measurement: uncertain effect of the low-frequency components of the optotype Fourier spectra // Sensory Systems, 2012, 26 (2), P. 160-171.
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2012 year
Authors: Savina M.I., Lukashevich I.

The Role of the Structural Organization of Knowledge in Analyzing Biochemical Data // Scientific and Technical Information Processing. 2012. V. 39. No. 5. P. 276282. Original Russian Text 2010, published in Iskusstvennyi Intellekt i Prinyatie Reshenii, 2010. 1. . 33-40. DOI 10.3103/S0147688212050048
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2012 year
Authors: V.M., Shklovsky, Lukashevich I.

Structural organization of medical knowledge in neurorehabilitation. Part 1. Chapter 3. .37 // Advances in rehabilitation. V. 20. 2012. PI-ME Press. Pavia. . 37-64

2012 year
Authors: R.Sh. Balugyan, A.S. Vorotyntsev, Lukashevich I., Stepanyan K.

Statistical methods for data analysis of blood tests // Information Processes, vol. 12, 4, 2012, pp.353361
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2012 year
Authors: Kiryanov A., Khorov E., Lyakhov A., Safonov A.

Analytical Study of Link Management in IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networks //International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS). France, 2012. P. 786-790

2012 year
Authors: Kiryanov A., Lyakhov A., Nekrasov P., 969, Safonov A., Feyzkhanov R., Khorov E., 369

Groupcast Routing Protocol for TDMA MANET// In Proc. of Information Technology and Systems - 2012. Petrozavodsk, Russia

:    Page: 123456 789
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