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19.12.2013 E.A. Tolmacheva (IITP RAS): The study of peculiarities of visual perception of geometric illusions in health and disease

12.12.2013 V.A. Bastakov (IITP RAS): Frogs use motion parallax (head movement) during depth perception

05.12.2013 M.A. Gracheva, S.I. Rychkova, A.S. Bolshakov, G.I. Rozhkova (IITP RAS): Natural and eyeglass-aided chromostereopsis

28.11.2013 V.V. Ognivov (IITP RAS): Modern eye-tracking tools: advantages and disadvantages

14.11.2013 O.Yu. Orlov (IITP RAS), S.A. Golyshev (A.N. Belozersky Institute Of Physico-Chemical Biology MSU), N.V. Samosudova (IITP RAS): Natural photodamages of the frog pigment epithelium (PE) and the ultrastructure of PE in the daylight rodent yellow steppe lemming (Eolagurus luteus)

07.11.2013 A.P. Dourneva (IITP RAS), S.N. Sokolov, I.N. Pigarev (IITP RAS): An infrared laser as an alternative means for stimulation of brain neurons

31.10.2013 V.M. Ol’shanskii (IPEE RAS): Clariid catfish and the doctrine of utilitarianism

24.10.2013 N.G. Bibikov (N.N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute, Lab. ╣8 IITP RAS): A modern view on the operation of the peripheral hearing system in vertebrates

10.10.2013 A.T. Aliper, I. Damjanović (Lab. ╣8 IITP RAS): European Retina Meeting 2013 conference report

03.10.2013 P.V. Maximov, G.I. Rozhkova, I.N. Pigarev, A.A. Kasparson (Lab. ╣8 IITP RAS): Information Technology and Systems (ITaS-2013) conference impressions

26.09.2013 L.S. Schestacov (IITP RAS): Invertebrate Sound and Vibration (ISV 2013) conference impressions

27.06.2013 I.N. Pigarev (IITP RAS): Brain science in search of a new paradigm. Generalized impression of the World Congress "NeuroTalk 2013" in China.

06.06.2013 A.A. Kasparson (IITP RAS): Regulatory mechanisms in food chains: bottom-up vs. top-down effects

23.05.2013 R.V. Zhelankin (IITP RAS): The study of cellular and humoral immune factors and determination of immune status in the European Legless Lizard (Scheltopusik) Pseudopus apodus in norm and at helminth infections caused by nematodes Entomelas sp.

16.05.2013 L.S. Schestacov (IITP RAS): The role of the changeable courtship signal parameters in choosing a sexual partner in cricket Gryllus bimaculatus

28.03.2013 I.N. Pigarev1, E. Almirall2, M.L. Pigareva3, J. Marimon2: Electrical activity of the spinal cord and the temperature variations of the cerebral cortex in the sleep-wake cycle. The solution of age-old physiologic mystery approaches.

1 - IITP RAS, laboratory ╣ 8;
2 - University of Barcelona, department of psychology;
3 - Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of RAS

21.03.2012 V.V. Maximov (IITP RAS): The inflence of far surround to the response of retinal motion detectors in fish. Attempt to systematic investigation.

14.03.2013 N.G. Bibikov, D.Yu. Grigoryev (Andreyev Acoustics Institute): On our attempts to simulate classification and learning processes

07.03.2013 E.M. Maximova (IITP RAS): Directional and orientation selectivity of retinal and tectal neurons in fish. Research methods of 1969-2013. Review.

28.02.2013 T.A. Podugolnikova (IITP RAS): Visual screening for older children of preschool and primary school age. Identification of functional visual impairment affecting training.

21.02.2013 L.K. Rimskaya-Korsakova (Andreyev Acoustics Institute): Psychoacoustic way to assess speech intelligibility (own research) and methods for correcting hearing loss (review)

14.02.2013 E.I. Rodionova (IITP RAS), M.Yu. Kochevalina (IITP RAS): Volatile biomarkers of oncologic diseases

07.02.2013 E.A. Tolmacheva (IITP RAS): Influence of monoaminergic modulation on the synchronization of spike activity of inhibitory neurons (model study on neural networks in the simulator "Brian")

24.01.2013 D.N. Lapshin (IITP RAS): Aggressiveness of mosquitoes: activaton factors and methods of measurement

17.01.2013 E.I. Rodionova (IITP RAS): Odour is a personal thing


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