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14.12.2006 P.V. Maximov (IITP RAS): Simulation of the orientation-contingent color aftereffect on the basis of the visual associative memory on modifiable synapses

07.12.2006 I.N. Pigarev (IITP RAS), E.V. Levichkina (IITP RAS), G.O. Fedorov, V.A. Bagaev, I.I. Busygina: Using numerical stochastic modeling to assess the effectiveness of interaction of the gastrointestinal tract structures with the neurons of the visual areas of the cortex during slow-wave sleep

16.11.2006 V.V. Ognivov (IITP RAS): Geometric visual illusions and size perceptual constancy in children and adults

19.10.2006 P.V. Maximov (IITP RAS), V.V. Gorbunov (IITP RAS): About attending conferences: Optoinformatics 2006 (St. Petersburg, September 4-7, 2006) and the International Biophysics Workshop "Academician Radoslav K. Andjus" on Imaging in Neurosciences and Beyond (NERKA-2006) (Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, September 23-29, 2006)

08.06.2006 V.Yu. Vedenina (IITP RAS): The story of the meeting "Heuschrecken Arbeitsgruppentreffen". (Meeting of the groups working in the field of acoustic communication and hearing in grasshoppers.) Bursfelde, Germany, April 2006.
News from German scientists in the research of evolution, behavior and physiology of singing Orthoptera and some other insects that can make sounds

28.04.2006 K.T. Sulimov: Cynological conception of odorology

13.04.2006 D.P. Nikolaev (IITP RAS), P.P. Nikolaev (IITP RAS), A.I. Chulichkov (MSU): Algorithmic basis of color-constant image analysis system: results and project of development

07.04.2006 G.I. Rozhkova (IITP RAS), D.S. Lebedev (IITP RAS), S.-D. Lee (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea), C.-Y. Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea), A.E. Tokarev, V.S. Tokareva (IITP RAS), V.A. Bastakov (IITP RAS): Contrast enhancement of images generated on the monitors under strong ambient light

09.03.2006 O.Yu. Orlov (IITP RAS): What do I see when I see nothing: reception, perception, and channel noise

02.02.2006 E.M. Maximova (IITP RAS): The evolution of primate color vision. A review.

22.02.2006 A.V. Seliverstov (IITP RAS): Simulation of tryptophan biosynthesis regulation in a bacterial cell and new regulatory structures of gene expression

17.02.2006 I.N. Pigarev (IITP RAS), T. Vidyasagar: Reflection of the processes of attention and memory in the activity of neurons in the primary visual cortex of monkeys

10.02.2006 S.L. Kondrashev (IMB FEB RAS): Visual pigments and ecological pecularities of coastal marine fishes

02.02.2006 E.V. Levichkina (PhD student, Chair of Human and Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biology, MSU): The reflection of the size and topology of visual stimuli in the parameters of evoked potentials in humans


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