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30.05.2019 Victor Selionov (Lab. 9 IITP RAS). TBA

23.05.2019 Victor Govardovskii (Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry): Biophotons and visual phenomena

25.04.2019 Nikita Sevastyanov, Varvara Vedenina (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): International Congress of orthopterology in Morocco, 24-28 March 2019: science and a bit of entertainment

04.04.2019 Alexandra Limanskaya (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): On the work of cortical and hippocamal neurons in the sleep-wake cycle - unexpected results obtained by neuroimaging methods

28.03.2019 Elena M. Maximova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Tectum and its role in behaviour organization. Review of our research and literature data.

21.03.2019 Alexey S. Opaev (SIEE RAS): Singing of passerine songbirds: the structure, evolution and role in communication

28.02.2019 Dmitry Lapshin (Lab. 8 IITP RAS), Dmitry Vorontsov (Koltzov Institute of Developmental Biology, Developmental neurobiology lab.): Hearing of swarming mosquitoes: behavioral and electrophysiological studies

21.02.2019 I.N. Pigarev, I.I. Busygina, V.D. Lavrova, M.L. Pigareva, A.N. Limanskaya, E.V. Levichkina, N.G. Bibikov, E.M. Rutskova: Investigation of the connection of the hippocampal neurons with the external world and visceral organs in the sleep-wake cycle. Preliminary report on the results of the completed RFBR project.

31.01.2019 Gary Zenkin (Lab. 11 IITP RAS): Psychophysical studies of the visual field stability mechanisms

24.01.2019 Nikolay Bibikov (N.N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute): Evaluation of postspike changes in excitability by comparing normal and shifted autocorrelation function

17.01.2019 Ivan Pigarev (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS), Marina Pigareva (Neuroontogenesis Lab of the IHNA&NPh), Ekaterina Levichkina (Lab. 8 of the IITP RAS): On the possible mechanism of certain types of epilepsy and the anticonvulsant action of the vagus nerve stimulation in the light of new sleep studies


Lab. ╣8 seminar: May 23, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Nikita Sevastyanov and Varvara Vedenina. Internationa...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: April 25, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Nikita Sevastyanov and Varvara Vedenina. Internatio...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: April 4, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Alexandra Limanskaya. On the work of cortical and hi...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: March 28, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Elena M. Maximova. Tectum and its role in behaviour...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: March 21, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Alexey S. Opaev. Singing of passerine songbirds: th...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: February 28, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Dmitry Lapshin. Hearing of swarming mosquitoes: ...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: February 21, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). I.N. Pigarev et al. Investigation of the connect...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: January 31, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Harry Zenkin. Psychophysical studies of the visua...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: January 24, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Nikolay Bibikov. Evaluation of postspike changes ...
Lab. ╣8 seminar: January 17, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). Ivan Pigarev. On the possible mechanism of certai...
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