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2.12.2010 E.A. Tolmacheva: Ketamine action on information processing in the thalamo-cortical system of anaesthetized rats

25.11.2010 P.P. Zak (N.M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Laboratory of physical and chemical basis of reception): Cellular and molecular mechanisms of retinal aging

18.11.2010 O.Yu. Orlov: New aspects of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)

10.06.2010 V.Yu. Vedenina: Cricket auditory system: new data on physiology and behavior of Gryllus assimilis, G. firmus and G. rubens (report on the work in Canada)

27.05.2010 A.E. Voznesenskaia, M.A. Klyuchnikova, E.I. Rodionova, V.V. Voznesenskaia: Tests of human odor identification and their applications

29.04.2010 A.E. Belozerov, N.N. Vassilyeva, G.I. Rozhkova: Age dynamics of stereoscopic visual acuity in schoolchildren

08.04.2010 V.V. Maximov: The retina appeared to be more intelligent than some people thought. Even in mammals.

01.04.2010 O.Yu. Orlov: Sousliks and surikats are similar not only by their names

25.03.2010 A.A. Kasparson, L.V. Polishchuk (MSU, Biological faculty, chair of General ecology): Allometric relationships between body mass and extinction probability in mammals

11.02.2010 D.N. Lapshin: Perception of acoustic signals by males of mosquito in flight imitation conditions

28.01.2010 E.M. Maximova: Genetic therapy of hereditary retinal diseases (review)

21.01.2010 L.S. Shestakov: Vibrational communication in insects (review)


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Lab. ╣8 seminar: February 20, 2:30 pm, SIEE (IPEE). G.M. Zenkin. Visual underwater illusion as a too...
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