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11.12.2014 O.Yu. Orlov (IITP RAS): Elements of social behaviour in pool frogs

04.12.2014 S.A. Golyshev (A.N. Belozersky Institute Of Physico-Chemical Biology MSU), O.Yu. Orlov (IITP RAS), N.V. Samosudova (IITP RAS): Retinal pigment epithelium. VII. Genesis and degradation of melanosomes

27.11.2014 L.S. Schestacov (IITP RAS): Review of the article: Mechanism of mate detection in parasitoid wasps: sound and vibratory cues change with the developmental progress of future mates inside host pupal cases // Physiological Entomology Volume 39, Issue 4, pages 292–303, December 2014

20.11.2014 J. Sradnick*, A. Kloepfel*, N. ┼lsner*, V. Vedenina**: Analysis of quantitative traits (morphology and song) in the "island" hybrid zone between two species of locusts of genus stenobothrus

* Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach Institute for Zoology and Anthropology, Göttingen, Germany
** Institute for Information Transmission Problems (Kharkevich Institute), Moscow, Russia

06.11.2014 I. Damjanovic (Lab. 8 IITP RAS), S. Kondrashev (IMB FEB RAS), P. Maximov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): In the wake of the "Visionarium XIII" conference (October 2014). A brief summary of the reports.

30.10.2014 A.A. Kasparson (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Overview of the article: P.R. Hunter, A.S. Lowe, I.D. Thompson, M.P. Meyer Emergent Properties of the Optic Tectum Revealed by Population Analysis of Direction and Orientation Selectivity // Journal of Neuroscience, 2013, Vol. 33, ╣35, PP 13940-13945

24.10.2014 N.G. Bibikov (AKIN), V.L. Talis (Lab. 9 IITP RAS), M.Yu. Kochevalina (Lab. 8 IITP RAS), L.S. Schestacov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS), D.N. Lapshin (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Short reports about the recent conferences, part 1

17.10.2014 M.Yu. Kochevalina, E.I. Rodionova (IITP RAS): Detection of volatile organic compounds associated with the development of hepatocellular carcinoma, with the help of animals biosensors

26.06.2014 P.V. Maximov (IITP RAS): Models of far center-surround interactions in the retina

05.06.2014 E.M. Maximova (IITP RAS): The secret of direction-selective retinal units has been solved using the EyeWire network game. Review.

29.05.2014 A.V. Belokopytov: Protanomaly: compensation, measurement methods, color discrimination training

22.05.2014 D.N. Lapshin (IITP RAS): Theoretical foundations of echolocation

15.05.2014 A.T. Aliper (IITP RAS): Effects of steady color stimulation of the irresponsive far surround on response of retinal motion detectors in fish

08.05.2014 R.V. Zhelankin (IITP RAS): Features of the retinal structure in representatives of two families of snakes suborder (Ophidia): Colubridae and Viperidae


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