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14.12.2017 Vladimir Baron (SIEE RAS, Laboratory for behaviour of lower vertebrates): Electrical organs and electroreception in fish behavior

23.11.2017 Elena Maximova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Human color sensations when stimulating single cones. A review report.

09.11.2017 Elena Rodionova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): The human olfaction: a rudiment or a working system. A review.

02.11.2017 Nika Lavrova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Summary of participation in World Sleep Congress 2017: the given talk and the taken expirience

26.10.2017 Sergey Shumsky (PhD, Senior researcher at the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences): Revolution in deep learning
Videos of S. Shumsky"s lectures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgQdwgmi9IM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLphAGzLzPI.

19.10.2017 P.V. Maximov, V.V. Maximov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Stages of the work on the computer program "Anomal" (1997 - 2017)

29.06.2017 Oleg Orlov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): In the jungle of Japanese characters

22.06.2017 Oleg Orlov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Language and vision: a naturalist’s view of figurative meaning

08.06.2017 Ivan Pigarev (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): The Phenomenon of Dreams in the Context of Strict Science

25.05.2017 Reports:

18.05.2017 V.Yu. Vedenina (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Two mechanisms of sound emission in the locust subfamily Gomphocerinae: another confirmation of rapid and convergent changes in acoustic communication?

20.04.2017 D.N. Lapshin (Lab. 8 IITP RAS), G.V. Devitsina (MSU, Faculty of Biology, Department of Ichthyology, Lab. of Chemoreception): Non-invasive electrophysiological study of tactile sensitivity in the prussian carp

23.03.2017 L.K. Rimskaya-Korsakova (N.N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute): Direct and reverse masking of pulses by pulse sequences: auditory experiment and modeling of the response of an ensemble of auditory nerve fibers

02.03.2017 G.M. Zenkin: On the role of torsional eye movements in vision

Report plan
An updated look at the results of our own work (Petrov, Zenkin, Galoyan)
A brief review of the work in this field on the historical aspect
Talk of a possible functional purpose of eye movements of this type

16.02.2017 O.Yu. Orlov (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): On the model of the gated color opponency by Vadim Maximov, and "once again about modeling"

02.02.2017 T.A. Podugolnikova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Development and age norms of monocular and binocular visual acuity in children

26.10.2017 V.M. Kovalzon (SIEE RAS, Laboratory innovative technology): Wakefulness, sleep and consciousness

19.01.2017 V.M. Olshansky (SIEE RAS, Laboratory for behaviour of lower vertebrates): On the Ohm′s law

12.01.2017 E.M. Maximova (Lab. 8 IITP RAS): Connectome of glycinergic amacrine cells (AII) in the rabbit (according to the works of Robert Marc 2014)


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